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Victoria's Secret launches inclusive digital-only brand aimed at Tweens

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Happy Nation

Victoria’s Secret has launched a digital-only brand aimed at Tweens. Called Happy Nation, the collection features sweats, swimwear, underwear and body care in gender neutral product categories.

The new line is marketed as a judgment free community for tweens aged 8-13 and is size inclusive.

In a press release Victoria’s Secret & Co. (VSCO) said the brand aims to serve a unique need in the market for a genuine brand tweens can call their own. While Happy Nation is a wholly separate brand within its business and its core values a clear departure from Victoria’s Secret's extravaganza angel days.

“We heard from tweens and their parents that they felt like there isn’t an apparel or beauty brand that celebrates and lends a helping hand in their personal evolution,” said Claudine Rankin, GM at Happy Nation, who led Happy Nation’s brand development.

“As a mother, I feel a deep responsibility to be intentional about every decision behind this brand. The tween years can be a time of immense change and challenges yet excitement for both tweens and their parents, and we hope Happy Nation can provide the authenticity that younger generations crave, while offering comfy clothing and body care products that kids and their parents can feel good about.”

A digital-only brand

The digital-first company does not currently have plans to be sold at physical stores, and instead will engage with its customers on the platforms they use most, its statement said. In addition to plans for social and digital engagement, VSCO said it will be active in the metaverse via a gaming platform later this year.

“This is a new demographic for us, so we’ll be continually gathering feedback as more people get to know Happy Nation,” said Susan Anderson, Vice President of Creative at Happy Nation. “We want to make sure we’re engaging in ways that feel authentic to and resonate with our Happy Crew, such as our upcoming metaverse integration and presence on one of the most popular youth gaming platforms. Entering the metaverse is such a natural extension for this brand – I’m thrilled to be a part of a ‘first’ for this company.”

Defining the brand

VSCO said Happy Nation is inspired by the generation it serves, the brand empowers others to give back, care for others and care for our planet. The brand also aims to build a “judgment-free community that is supportive and accepting of tweens during some of the most transformative years of their lives.”

For more information visit www.happynation.com

Image: Happy Nation
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