Seattle-based Fitcode has just raised a 1.8 million dollar investment round led by Harvey Partners. The virtual fashion adviser helps women figure out which jeans will fit best based on each woman’s body type.

For online shopping, it really comes down to fit, not size,” said 27-year-old co-founder Rian Buckley, reports the ‘Geekwire’. “Other offers on the market are totally focused on solving for size, which is interesting because as most women know, just because you can button a jean doesn’t mean it looks good.”

The goal is to improve the online shopping experience for women while reducing returns for retailers and brands.

Buckley’s experience as a model in the fashion industry inspired the launch of Fitcode, as the company´s CEO noticed a problem for women who were shopping for clothes online and, at the same time, a lot of hassle for online retailers having to deal with a great number of returns.

Buckley concluded that women needed a better way to shop online for jeans that actually fit their specific body type and came up with a technology-fuelled solution.

“What we learnt is that women don’t want to take out a tape measure and share their measurements,” says Buckley.

“Through discussions and focus groups, we narrowed our approach to finding out about a woman’s body type to three things: an image representing different body shapes, typical fit headaches we were hearing, and a description of a body type,” concludes Fitcode´s founder.





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