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What Goes Around Comes Around denies Chanel lawsuit

By Kristopher Fraser

Mar 19, 2018

Last week, FashionUnited reported that What Goes Around Comes Around was being sued by Chanel for the sales of unauthorized merchandise. What Goes Around Comes Around has finally responded to the lawsuit and said that they deny any wrongdoing and have plans to fight back.

“We assure you that nothing can be further from the truth,” said Frank Bober, vice chairman of What Goes Around Comes Around, in an emailed statement to The Daily Front Row. “We believe the allegations are completely unfounded and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves.”

WGACA has over 300 Chanel items listed on their website, and has often used Chanel runway imagery on their social media channels. Chanel is very protective of its trademark and image, and was furious over WGACA trying to create an association with their brand when they have denied their attempts to do business with them in the past.

While trademark law can be a grey area in the United States, things like logos are very well protected. Chanel also has a large monetary advantage over WGACA as a multi-billion dollar company with deep pockets and the ability to drag on a law suit. Chanel is also asking for 2 million dollars in damages per item for each alleged violation of their trademark. This case was triggered by a handbag and tissue box that featured the iconic Chanel interlocking C's logo.

If this case in any way works out in Chanel's favor, it could be very damaging to WGACA given the substantial amount in damages that Chanel is asking for.

photo: via Whatgoesaroundnyc.com