Contemporary women's line Wildfox has recently entered a lawsuit with retail giant H&M. The Los Angeles-based brand has decided to engage H&M by filing a lawsuit of its own trademark infringement.

This past week, the brand has lodged several complaints against the Swedish-based company. The lawsuit was filed in the Central District of California. The company claims that H&M has used Wildfox on various apparel including shirts, sweaters, and more. Through the lawsuit, Wildfox is asking for statutory damages of over 2 million dollars, as reported by WWD. The company is charging H&M due to its stature as a company. As H&M currently is 39.9 billion dollar company, as reported by Forbes, it seems that the smaller label is hoping to gain something from their copyright infringement. According to the suit filed, Wildfox seeks to "enforce its rights and to deter H&M from attempting to copy and then steamrolling the next independent artist or up-and-coming brand."

One of the product's in question, a sweater with the Wildfox trademark, retailed for 19.99 dollars at H&M. The sweater has the words "Toronto Wildfox" on it, which Wildfox claimed its name was based off of a fictitious team in Toronto. Customers who bought the sweater were tagging the Wildfox brand instead of H&M, confused by the label. As the two companies are not affiliated, the brand is reaching out to protect its rights and distinct itself from H&M for the future.





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