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Yoga practitioners join in call urging Lululemon to cut use of fossil fuels

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Stand.Earth

Over 1,600 international yoga practitioners have joined in signing an open letter to Lululemon requesting for the athleisure company to transition to renewable energy.

In a release, the group noted that nearly half of Lululemon’s energy comes from factories powered by burning coal, which it added is ultimately harmful to people and the environment, especially in the Asian countries where its garments are made.

“Lululemon will tell you not to worry about any of this, because they have a plan to reduce emissions from fossil fuels,” said Laura Kelly, head of campaigns at Action Speaks Louder, a corporate campaign group supporting the letter.

Kelly added: “But unfortunately, this is another marketing moment where the gap between appearance and reality bites.”

The group has urged the company to transition to 100 percent renewable wind and solar power across its supply chain by 2030.

The initiative was further supported by Stand.Earth which staged an event outside Lululemon’s Vancouver headquarters over the weekend, during which participants took part in a 90-minute yoga session in protest.

“Lululemon has built one of the world's fastest growing apparel brands by promoting personal well-being that can be achieved through yoga,” said Gary Cook, global climate campaigns director at the organisation.

Cook continued: “Yoga leaders around the world are saying very clearly back to Lululemon: get serious about protecting the well-being of both people and planet by shifting its factories off coal, investing in renewable energy, and advocating for the rapid transition from coal to renewables in countries where its factories are located.”

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