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Yoox debuts new Marketplace site in Europe

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Yoox

Yoox, a division of Yoox Net-a-porter, has announced the launch of its Marketplace in Europe, offering customers access to a wider assortment of products and providing brand partners with more flexible operations.

The Marketplace will be home to over 700 brands across ready-to-wear, accessories and footwear, and will be available to nearly 30 countries across Europe. Yoox has also said customers will be able to access more frequent store updates, as it plans to continue increasing the variation of its assortment over time.

For this season, over 150,000 new items will be available on the e-commerce platform, with the company stating its long-term goal is to surpass one million products.

It has also suggested it is looking into adding pre-owned and beauty categories as it develops.

Its launch comes as Yoox Net-a-porter continues its transition to a hybrid operating model, with the new Marketplace addition also designed to strengthen its partnerships with brands through the offer of flexible logistical operations and a more expansive product assortment.

In a release, the company stated that Marketplace is part of its mission to help customers “navigate new market trends”, as well as meeting “the enhanced expectations for digital and e-commerce in the luxury space”.

A sustainable addition to the site comes in the form of its ‘Good on You’ brand rating system, which provides customers with information about responsible fashion brands and the items they select. The integration hopes to aid in the support of small businesses, to help them in reaching and connecting with Yoox customers.

Yoox has also revealed it is planning to expand Marketplace to the US, Middle East, North America and Japan at a later date.

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