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Zero10 launches web and Generative AI try-on tools

By Rachel Douglass


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Zero10 virtual try-on illustration. Credits: Zero10.

Tech firm Zero10 has announced the launch of an online widget that will allow users to utilise its augmented reality (AR) try-on technology via a browser to expand on accessibility.

The feature will also become more readily available for brands, which can now easily integrate the widget into their own website or app in order to offer virtual try-on solutions for their offering.

The widget incorporates Zero10’s already existing technology, allowing users to upload a photo of themselves and see a digital garment placed on their image in order to assess fit and therefore influence purchase decisions.

Alongside this, the company has further outlined its latest research into Generative AI virtual try-ons, which it said aims to “enable virtual fittings with the use of just one to five photos of a clothing item from any e-commerce platform”.

The tech relies on warping modules utilised by Zero10 that overcome past constraints and therefore provide “a remarkable scalability for e-commerce” without the requirement of 3D model production.

The firm further noted that, by using the tech, brands with extensive product catalogues could use garment photos to offer a virtual-try on experience for customers.

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