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Bottega Veneta launches third edition of Bottega for Bottegas

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Bottega for Bottegas Credits: Bottega Veneta

Now in its third consecutive year, Bottega Veneta continues its collaboration with small artisan workshops worldwide through its 'Bottega for Bottegas' initiative. The project serves to amplify the expertise and creativity of these workshops, many of which engage in meticulous handmade production methods.

While the inaugural edition spotlighted Italian workshops and the second edition showcased global brands influenced by Italian culture, this year's focus shifts to four selected workshops specializing in "unique" crafts.

Kitai Rhee

Kitai Rhee, a third-generation craftsman, stands out for his expertise in crafting historical Korean kites, Bangpae Yeons, using bamboo canes and hanji, a specific Korean paper. As the president of the Kitai Rhee Kite Preservation Association, he not only preserves the artistry of nineteenth-century kites but also imparts his knowledge through kite-making courses, ensuring the continuity of this traditional craft.

Liu Wenhui

Liu Wenhui specializes in researching, designing, and developing building blocks inspired by ancient Chinese architecture, showcasing a commitment to safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of Chinese woodworking.


Modiano, founded in 1868, is an esteemed Italian workshop known for designing and producing playing cards, tarot cards, and other paper products. The collaboration includes an exclusive deck of Bottega Veneta cards presented in a limited edition leather case.

Cheng Tsung Feng

Taiwanese artist Cheng Tsung Feng contributes to the project by dedicating himself to studying traditional craft culture, preserving techniques, and creating diverse artworks inspired by his profound knowledge.

The Kering-owned maison emphasises that these artisans employ their distinctive creativity and skills to enrich imagination and foster community. Starting this month, the Bottega Veneta flagship store in Milan, its website, and newsletter will feature tributes to these artisanal workshops, underscoring the brand's commitment to celebrating and promoting traditional craftsmanship globally.

Bottega Veneta