Vegan fashion movement FAKE launches first exhibition in Los Angeles

Vegan Fashion movement FAKE, which stands for Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment, has launched its first pop-up museum exhibition for vegan artists and designers to promote their clothes, accessories, and the vegan lifestyle.

“Being vegan is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle,” Jonathan Ohayon, the animal rights activist, fashion designer, and founder of FAKE, said to FashionUnited.

After having its own series of successful pop-ups, Ohayon decided to create a museum where people could not only learn about new alternatives to animal products in the fashion and beauty industries, but also to see these products firsthand.

Located on at 8350 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, the FAKE museum features designers and visual artists who aim to impact their industries with vegan products. Visitors will be able to get a free tour of the museum, learn about the impact of animal products in the fashion industry and discover benefits of alternative materials such as Pinatex, cork, apple skin and mango skin.

The FAKE Museum is open to the public from June 26 to August 31 and visitors can schedule their tours on the organization’s website.

Image: FashionUnited by Dale Arden Chong





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