Las Vegas - As the center of fashion trade shows, Las Vegas will be hosting three apparel shows that are teaming up this season. In the month of February; Agenda, Liberty and Capsule are coming together for a combined conference.

The launch will be entitled Assembly Conference running from February 12 to 14. The event is organized by the three combined trade fairs. Located at The Venetian, the conference will run during show hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event will include keynote speakers, tastemakers, and innovators. The conference will also hosts workshops and networking resources for both brands and retailers in attendance. “We’re looking to innovate on our platform by providing inspiration and education to drive our industry forward," Aaron Levant, founder of Agenda, said in a statement as reported by Apparel News.

The conference is meant to expand the trade show format in a more efficient way. By creating this space, the event can help connect more brands and retailers in a business-driven way. The show will take place in mid-February while all other major trade fairs take place in Las Vegas. Other shows that will be ongoing during this time include WSA, FN Platform, and more.