This summer, Canada is receiving its very own apparel and textile trade show. Launching from August 22-24, Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo will be bowing in Toronto.

This will serve as the first apparel and trade show to come to Canada, according to JP Communications, Inc. The company was awarded the opportunity to produce the show at International Centre in Toronto. In coordination with the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT), the trade event will bring together both retailers of Canada as well as textile and apparel manufacturers from around the world. Manufacturing countries that are expected to come to the trade fair include the U.S.A., China, Taiwan, Mexico, Peru, Burma, Jordan, Honduras, Guatemala, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and more.

The event will also launch a seminar tract by acclaimed industry experts covering various topics. Some of the focus areas for the seminars will include Trans-Pacific Partnership, Best Practices, and more information on the Canadian market. Overall, the event is meant to promote more international trade. “This event is a new project started for the promotion of global textile and apparel trade by CCCT,” Jiang Hui, chairman of CCCT, said in a statement. The CCCT currently has over 12,000 member companies that represent over 70 percent of total textile and garment exports every year. By their partnership with the Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo, the event can bring together many industry professionals from international sources.





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