Drykorn – back to the future

The Seventies are back. This is not just manifest among international, high-end fashion labels such as Gucci and Bottega Veneta. Drykorn's Autumn/Winter collection also contains a wealth of references to the wild Seventies.

The label's womenswear designs celebrate a vibrant, rowdy party decade. The Autumn/Winter collection is a flurry of Bohemian chic, featuring suede, faux fur, velvet and corduroy in gaudy accent colours such as fuchsia, pink and brick red. This aesthetic is punctuated with mod influences from the Sixties, including colour blocking and graphic designs; and not forgetting a dash of Eighties 'bad taste'. High waistlines meet corsages; bomber jackets meet glamorous sportswear. This collection boasts something for everyone, without sacrificing individuality. The clean Drykorn look is a common thread flowing through the collection, stitching the decades together.

Men are also allowed to experiment. Silhouettes are at the forefront of the design rationale here. Men can combine slouchy, oversized sports blazers with pleated-front trousers, or rugged, sheepskin coats with cropped raw denim. Of course, this season's menswear has also taken its inspiration from the Seventies. This comes in the form of large collars, wide lapels and pocket flaps, as well as knee-length, oversized coats – all in natural, warm colour tones and constructed from corduroy, velvet and wool jersey.

According to Marino Edelmann, Head of Sales and Marketing at Drykorn, the company chose to exhibit at Premium "because of the brand setting, which perfectly mirrors Drykorn's retail positioning; as well as the opportunity to meet German, Austrian and Swiss clients, thereby fostering business relationships and networking with contacts face-to-face".

You can find Drykorn at Premium Berlin, located in Hall 8 Stand A-01.





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