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London Textile Fair postponed due to covid concerns

By Rachel Douglass

Dec 23, 2021


Image: London Textile Fair

The London Textile Fair has postponed its January showcase, setting its new dates as March 22 to 23 2022. The decision comes due to the current surge of the new coronavirus variant, omicron.

The rescheduling falls in line with the UK Government’s recently imposed restrictions, advising individuals to work from home when possible. The organisation further stated that it is expecting the government to impose further, more stringent restrictions before the year’s end.

Its decision comes in consideration of visitors who will likely not be able to attend the event due to regulations, even if the 250 scheduled exhibitors could come at all.

In its announcement, the organisation said: “We really feel this is the best decision for all involved with the fair, and we appreciate your continued support and understanding. We very much hope you can join us in March.”

London Textile Fair