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MAD Global Elevates the New Codes Digital Fashion Summit: Crafting the Future of Fashion Through Innovation

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Credits: HAPE

MAD Global, an award-winning creative production agency is proud to announce its role as the driving force behind the production of the first ever New Codes Digital Fashion Summit. By leveraging its deep expertise at the crossroads of culture and technology, especially within luxury, fashion, art, and collectibles, MAD Global is setting benchmarks in production and curation of immersive & digital experiences.

Established by Joe O’Callaghan, New Codes aims to turbocharge sustainable digital advancement in fashion. This summit is a testament to the creativity and evolving use-cases being developed and focusing on fashion's potential when fused with technology. This year's event was exceptional, bringing together the leading KOLs, disruptors and avant-garde innovators from both the fashion and technology worlds.

Credits: NEO DLX

Leading the production and execution, MAD Global powered groundbreaking immersive activations for the summit. Through strategic partnerships with digitally native creators and sate-of-the-art tech collaborators, they've unveiled revolutionary hologram artworks and holobox creations. This move not only amplifies artistic ingenuity but also underlines the commercial potential of blending luxury fashion with cutting-edge technology solutions.

We are at a pivotal moment - a technology renaissance which is having a significant impact across a lot of industries. It’s becoming harder to keep up with this pace of change and more important than ever to identify, highlight and connect with founders, disruptors and visionaries who are shaping the industry. As a company, we like to think of ourselves as conduits to the ecosystem, providing valuable experience and support to shape what the space will become

Ashumi Sanghvi, founder & CEO of MAD Global>

With a remarkable portfolio encompassing collaborations with over 50 partners and the successful execution of over 200 projects, MAD Global's prowess is undeniable.Their clientele, featuring marquee names such as Adidas, Fenty, Bulgari, and Metaverse Fashion Week, speaks to their unparalleled ability to transform creative concepts into tangible commercial triumphs.

About MAD Global

Celebrated as an innovation beacon, MAD Global champions the fusion of art with technology. Founded 14 years ago, it has risen as a tour de force in creative production, curating top-tier content, spearheading strategic events, and devising immersive experiences that both captivate and convert.

Since its inception, the agency has carved a niche as a trailblazer, working at the convergence of creative culture and emerging technologies. Specializing in luxury, fashion, art, and collectibles, MAD Global's vision has always been crystal clear: use creativity to push the boundaries and immerse the senses with new experiences leaving lasting impact and impressions.

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