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Schwarzer Reiter BLCKLBL: Devoted to Style

By FashionUnited

Jan 19, 2017

Fetish meets fashion. The Schwarzer Reiter label, which originates from the luxury fetish segment, amalgamates these two worlds and now presents its first B2B fashion collection for men and women, BLCKLBL, at PREMIUM Berlin.

The Berlin brand has stepped up to give the fetish lifestyle a new, streetworthy look. Moreover, with the appointment of Edin Desosa as Head Designer, the label has brought in someone from the fashion industry who, with his team, can skilfully translate this lifestyle and inject a trendy, unique, professional look into the collections. In our interview he reveals what we can expect from Schwarzer Reiter’s BLCKLBL.

Why is Schwarzer Reiter a good choice for fashion retailers?

We control the entire supply chain, from designing and developing the look through to production and sales. Quality is the most important criterion for all our textiles. All the goods stocked in our wholesale business for resellers are characterised by perfect pattern construction, a high degree of comfort and contemporary style. The collection from Schwarzer Reiter is extremely sellable and perfectly suited to complementing the other product ranges within stylish boutiques, shop-in-shop solutions, fetish shops and lifestyle boutiques.

How did you come to know Sabine Schwarz, the founder of Schwarzer Reiter?

I studied Fashion Design and, in my final collection, worked with a large number of patent leather and transparent fabrics, without really thinking too deeply about the theme of ‘fetish’. It was my understanding of aesthetics. At the time of completing my final presentation I was, of course, unaware that this would unconsciously have a logical continuation later on. My collections have always been somewhat darker and more provocative than others, which brought them to Frau Schwarz’s attention. She perceived my collections to be a form of interpretation of a feeling.

What is it that makes clothes part of fetish fashion?

In my collections it is not a matter of showing a lot of skin or emphasising specific places on the body explicitly. It is about focusing on the beauty of the body, which is brought to life through an item of clothing. It is in the mind of the beholder, who is drawn into his or her own fantasy world and thereby endows the item of clothing with his or her own version of the story.

What type of woman wears your clothing?

In principle there is no specific type of woman who wears my designs because, at the end of the day, there is no woman in the world who does not want to be desired. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and desirable; hence all women who demand exclusive, beautiful designs are my customers.

What differentiates Schwarzer Reiter from other labels in this area?

The difference between Schwarzer Reiter and other labels in this area is that we fuse fashion and fetish in a very particular way and give our products the necessary respect and touch of luxury without resorting to clichés.

How would you describe the collection being exhibited at PREMIUM?

BLCKLBL is provocative yet also stylish, trendy and ultra fashionable in design. These are looks for fashionistas, trendsetters and all those who like a profligate lifestyle. BLCKLBL is made from high-quality faux leather, transparent materials and glamorous, sequinned fabrics. From development to manufacture, from the first design to the choice of materials we proceed with the utmost care and attention, in order to create a modern, strong-selling end product that fits like a dream. In order to ensure this high standard of quality at all stages of production, Schwarzer Reiter works with partners with whom it has years of experience doing business. Our products are created and designed in Berlin and manufactured in Italy. We take the slogan ‘Devoted to Style’ very seriously.

You can find Schwarzer Reiter at PREMIUM Berlin in Hall 1.

Images: Schwarzer Reiter Wholesale