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UBM moves fashion industry forward with Swimlessons


UBM moves fashion industry forward with Swimlessons

By Sara Ehlers

Jun 13, 2016

Los Angeles - UBM, known as the hub of trade shows, just announced that it is expanding one of its networking programs. In an effort to build its business more and drive the fashion industry forward, the company is currently working to give its educational event Swimlessons a wider reach.

UBM recently hosted a Swimlessons event in New York recently. The event had approximately 150 attendees, as reported by Apparel News. Next, the company plans to bring the networking social event to Los Angeles later this June. The event will be held near downtown and will include various topics on social media, trade shows, and brand expansions. Both retailers and brands will attend the show in order to provide insight for panels and discussions. “Swimlessons is something that we’ve been doing for a while, and it’s one that we wanted to expand the concept for,” Erik Ulin, president of men’s for UBM, told Apparel News. By bringing the event to the West Coast, UBM is providing its attendees with the opportunity to grow and move forward in the industry. “It’s good to be able to avail [the event] to our people and make sure that they have a successful show and a successful business,” Ulin told the publication.

UBM has put on several events that are crucial to the fashion industry. The B2B serves as parent company to trade shows Magic, Coterie, Project, and and Pooltradeshow. With a staff of over 5,000 employees, the company organizes hundreds of events each year including marketing-leading digital and other products. In fashion, the company is important for industry insiders and buyers because of their tradeshow events. Additionally, the company also puts on networking and education events such as Swimlessons.