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Activewear Sweat NSK collaborates with Sukishufu


Activewear Sweat NSK collaborates with Sukishufu

By Sara Ehlers

Apr 21, 2016

Los Angeles - London brand Sukishufu and Los Angeles brand Sweat NSK have teamed together for an athleisure collaboration. Combining Sukishufu’s innovative sportswear with Sweat NSK’s high-end active apparel, the two have paired for technologically advanced, unique clothing.

Sweat NSK decided to pair up with the London-based retailer due to their use of technical fabric and stylish products. The brand tapped Sukishufu in order to add to their Rio Collection pieces. “We like how unique and fashion-forward their collection is and it was something we were looking for,” Natalie Fritz, co-founder of Sweat NSK, told WWD. The collaboration will introduce leggings and shorts retailing from 135 to 150 dollars in price. The construction of the items are made with stretch faux leather so that the clothing can be worn for working out and active lifestyles. The items, produced in London, will be available in-stores by the end of the month.

In the future, Sweat NSK plans to do more collaborations. As reported by WWD, the brand already plans to team up with luxury womenswear Alala for another creative project. The two will work on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt together. Currently, the retailer carries over 35 brands at its store. The company just opened its first retail store last summer. The brand’s standalone store is located in Brentwood of Los Angeles.