Luxury fashion has been taking a turn towards humanitarianism this year, with Burberry’s decision to go fur-free making the British brand the most recent in a long list alongside Gucci, Versace, John Galliano, and international retailer NET-A-PORTER. Who will be next? The Humane Society International UK hopes the answer will be Prada, as it launches a campaign to urge the brand to do so.

The British organization has teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States, as well as animal rights groups the Fur Free Alliance and Care2. “[Fur] is cruel, outdated, and has no place in a modern society,” the charity group wrote in a statement.

This global campaign coincides with both Burberry’s announcement to go fur-free and the kick-off of New York Fashion Week, the first of many international luxury fashion showcases. Historically, protestors and activists have used fashion weeks as a time to express concerns with ethical lapses within the fashion industry.

The Humane Society International UK points out that Prada is a major fur user, exploiting fox and mink fur amongst others. Its #FurFreeBritain campaign urges for British legislation to expand its fur bans to cover every species. This campaign has garnered the support of celebrities and politicians alike, and now points its attention towards Prada.

The organization’s executive director Claire Bass said, “Brands like Prada that continue to sell animal fur are becoming increasingly isolated as top designers drop fur cruelty from their collections, knowing that the vast majority of consumers find it obscene and obsolete. Prada has a clear choice to make as to whether it wants to be an apologist for the vile fur trade or to move with the times and strike a pose for compassionate fashion.”





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