AkingsNY launches new denim styles

Alan King's New York-based AkingsNY line has launched two new styles. Adding to their assortment comes new styles of their signature J-cut denim, which is their signature. While each style has new, unique features, they all still hold true to the core of the brand DNA.

The new Jameson Raw Denim was inspired by one of their original styles, the James Raw Denim. Jameson features a strip of selvedge that runs down the sides of the denim. This is intended to be an evening style jean that can be dressed up and give customers that extra noticeable flare.

The new Krop Kyle Cargo Jeans, a variation of the brand's Kyle Cargo Jeans, is already proving to be one of the brand's best selling styles. The cropped feel was designed to allow for more versatile styling. King kept in mind the popular Balenciaga sock shoe when designing these, as both designs are aimed towards the street style customer.

Finally, the brand's last new style is the AK-05 Cropped Selvedge Jeans designed with the selvedge aficionados in mind. The raw edges selvedge detailing contrasts with white stitching that allows customers to either dress them up or down.

Price points for the collection range from 149 dollars and 99 cents to 179 dollars and 99 cents. The collection is available on Akingsny.com

photo courtesy of the brand




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