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Alexander Wang and Uniqlo collab for summer underwear line

By Robyn Turk

Mar 27, 2019

Alexander Wang is designing for Uniqlo once again. The two parties most recently collaborated last fall, producing a line of underwear created using Uniqlo's proprietary Heattech fabric that creates heat to keep its wearer warm. While that collection had debuted in time for winter, Wang and Uniqlo are back together to sell another underwear line - this one to keep wearers cool in the summer.

The upcoming capsule of both women's and men's items will include underwear, bras, tops, shorts and leggings made from Uniqlo’s AIRism fabric. AIRism is "comfort conditioning technology," according to Uniqlo's website, intended to be a breathable base layer that releases heat and moisture, while adapting to temperatures to keep the wearer cool.

The line be available both online and in Uniqlo stores on April 11, retailing between 10 and 30 dollars per item.

“Working with Uniqlo on the second season of the collaboration, it felt like there was a mutual understanding of not only aesthetics but of each other’s work ethic," Wang said in a statement.

"It was easier coming together this time around to accomplish a similar goal. Innovation has always been at the forefront of our design and creative process, and functionality serves a huge purpose in the way I and our customers dress.”