Amazon has recently upped their game in the fashion industry. The e-commerce company unveiled a new streaming show entitled “Style Code Live” in order to bring in a more direct approach advertising in a more user-friendly way.

Instead of the normal approach that Amazon typically has, the new video stream caters to a different audience. Typically, users on Amazon will search their products in the search bar and find their products based on descriptions, price comparisons, and user ratings. However, the show “Style Code Live” includes a carousel of products that are introduced to the viewers with an easy-to-purchase option below the video. The idea is to bring Amazon to a new level that isn’t so indirect. “This is a really innovative thing that they’ve tried,” Edward Yruma, equity analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets, told WWD. KeyBanc has been carefully tracking Amazon’s success in the fashion industry. This is a new way for the company to appeal to more fashion-driven shoppers.

The new video serves as a type of infomercial for the millennial market. Because of the competitive growing e-commerce business, the need for a new tactic was pressing. Amazon’s efforts are proving that the company is trying to improve and connect with the fashion industry ore. “They’re trying to innovate here and I think over time, it will really give them credibility with the fashion community,” Yruma told WWD.





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