ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo stays minimalist for spring 2019

It's a maximalist era, but there are still those designers who have built their brand DNA on a minimalist aesthetic, which when bold colors, patterns, and prints are trending is surprisingly easier than one might think. ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo is known for their approachable, streetwear designs and their traditionally minimalist color palette.

For spring/summer 2019, designer Tony Melillo stayed true to his brand aesthetic with the traditional black, white, and grey, but also got adventurous with some color. Tie dye, light purples, and pale blues were all present in the collection.

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo stays minimalist for spring 2019

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo presents spring 2019 at NYFW

“The spring ’19 collection really celebrates a shifting season and the excitement of introducing new pieces that embrace warmer weather," said Melillo in a statement. "The fabrics of this collection are still as transitional as ever, but the prints are fresh and new. Each piece focuses on the springtime ritual of peeling back the layers of winter and replacing them with light alternatives in fun prints like tie dye or leopard. I love mixing textures, so a lot of the pieces combine a sexy cut or silhouette with a cozy fabric. The oversized cardigan and knit skirts really set the tone.”

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo stays minimalist for spring 2019

The stars of the collection would have to be the knitwear pieces, which are great transitional pieces for spring. They are a signature of Melillo's collection, but a reminder that there is a smart approach to staying classic. It might be a maximalist world, but minimalist designers like Melillo are finding success, and will always be a pivotal part of the fashion cycle.

photos: courtesy of Purple PR




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