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Bella Hadid revealed as face of new Swarovski campaign

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Swarovski, Bella Hadid

Swarovski has unveiled a new campaign starring supermodel Bella Hadid consisting of a series of portraits aimed to capture “the transformative and versatile nature of Swarovski Crystals”.

Created by creative director Giovanna Engelbert and photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Hadid is centred as the muse of the campaign, which looked to adopt a “multidimensional mindset of a fresh fashion mentality”.

Utilising different colour themes, each portrait aimed to capture a different essence to the jewellery displayed. For the yellow frame, for example, the brand hoped to capture energetic properties, while the pink hue looked to display a more bubbly, girly aesthetic.

In a release, Engelbert said of the campaign: “Bella Hadid sums up the individualistic and transformative attitude of a new global generation. She is a multifaceted character who evades the boxes of rules and conformity. She goes from sporty to glamorous while remaining the same girl – the same Bella – with confidence and authority.”

Engelbert continued: “In that sense, she conveys the values of Swarovski to perfection. Today, crystals are a dynamic part of our everyday wardrobe: a way of accentuating your individual style in a way that can be as casual as it can be elaborate. Bella is the poster girl for this state of mind.”

Bella Hadid