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Brooks Brother cut ties with wool supplier following expose

By Vivian Hendriksz

Jun 10, 2016


Fashion retailer Brooks Brothers has cut its ties with a wool supplier which sources wool from the Bradford-based Standard Wool company following an expose uncovering horrific cases of animal cruelty at sheep farms in Chile.

Workers at two Chilean sheep farms which supply Standard Wool Ltd, a group of companies which purchases 60 percent of the entire wool output from the country, have been caught on film by PETA US cutting lambs tails off, kicking sheep, driving knives into the necks of sheep as a means of slaughter and skinning sheep alive.

“When suppliers to one of the world's leading wool-trading businesses are caught mutilating, beating and bleeding out sheep, it's clear that cruelty is the norm in this despicable industry", commented PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. "PETA is calling on shoppers to take a stand for sheep around the world by refusing to wear any wool."

After being in contact with PETA US, clothing label Brooks Brothers made the decision to end its relationship with a wool suppliers associated with the sheep farms in question. “Brooks Brothers did in fact confirm that they have no current orders, or intention of placing future orders, for products made by a company that sources wool from Standard Wool,” confirmed a PETA spokesperson to FashionUnited.

The expose is not the first of its kind to come to light, as in less than two years PETA has released six exposes recorded at 39 sheep facilities on three continents, all of which feature all too similar accounts of animal abuse, cruelty and mutilation in the pursuit of the sheep wool and meat.

Photo: Courtesy of PETA US

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