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Burberry partners with Tencent’s ‘Honor of Kings’ mobile game

By Huw Hughes

Nov 3, 2020


Burberry has announced a partnership with Honor of Kings, the flagship mobile game of Chinese tech giant Tencent.

While details about the partnership are vague, the brand said it will be “introducing elements of Burberry’s house codes” into the game’s environments in 2021, perhaps indicating in-game Burberry outfits or “skins” will be available for avatars.

Games have been an increasingly popular way for fashion brands to engage with a broader audience in recent years, particularly with China’s fashion-forward, digital-first luxury consumer.

Burberry has been one of the most prominent upmarket labels in this space, launching its first online game in October 2019, called B-Bounce, followed by several different iterations since then.

“Online games are a platform on which we can tell brand stories in ways that we know really resonate with our customers in China,” Josie Zhang, president of Burberry China, said in a statement.

“Introducing elements of Burberry’s house codes into one of Tencent Games’ environments allows customers to engage with the brand in more novel and freeform ways. Just like Burberry’s founder, we want to empower our community to explore their surroundings, whether it is online or offline.”

This isn’t the first time Burberry and Tencent have joined forces. In July, the two companies worked together to open the doors of a Burberry store described as “luxury’s first social retail store” in Shenzhen, China.

Photo credit: Burberry