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Burberry teams with Apple on new iOS chat tool

By Robyn Turk


The chat feature on Burberry's app is becoming more useful to shoppers. The British luxury brand is planning to roll out a new chat service in partnership with Apple, which will allow customers to chat directly with store employees.

Called "R Message," the new chat feature is for a select pool of key customers. These customers will be able to book in-store appointments, receive personalized product recommendations and make direct purchases using the tool.

R Message is first being piloted in Burberry's flagship store in Manchester, England, and will eventually be made available across 431 global locations through 6,000 store associates. The tool is integrated with an internal Burberry app, R World, which employees use to access to real-time inventory data and company news.

Burberry told Vogue Business that it developed R Message as a means to better connect with mobile-first customers who keep informed with brand news and products. These customers will be able to more seamlessly shop and gather inventory information in the way is most convenient for them.

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