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By Far debuts fragrance collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: By Far

Accessories label By Far is expanding into the beauty sector with the launch of its debut fragrance collection.

The ‘Daydreams’ collection features seven new buildable fragrances, designed to be “a celebration of ordinary moments that become playful escapes,” housed in refillable charms and bag bracelets, which double as an accessory.

"The collection is an invitation to lose yourself in the universe of dreams," explains Denitsa Bumbarova, creative director and co-founder of By Far. "Playing over and over, layering one on top of the other to create your own sensory escape."

By Far notes in the press release that it is reimagining the traditional fragrance model, as the collection allows wearers to create their own experience, from choosing the scent to the colour of the charm and even whether to go for gold or silver hardware and a carabiner or leather strap. The brand is also offering pre-designed collections as well.

Image: By Far

Each of the ‘Daydreams’ scents are hand blended in the French town of Grasse, a UNESCO world heritage site famed for its perfumery, and crafted by perfumers Fanny Bal, Jean-Cristophe Hérault, and Caroline Dumur.

In addition to being free from colourants and UV filters, the 100 percent natural alcohol formulas are not tested on animals. Each perfume is also uniquely infused with a blend of Turkish and Bulgarian recycled rose essential oil, recovered from discarded rose water.

Each refillable charm contains a 20ml bottle crafted from 15 percent post-consumer recycled glass, while the refill bottles have been designed to be 100 percent recyclable and come wrapped in FSC-sourced 100 percent recyclable paper.

To launch the fragrance collection, By Far has tapped model Kendall Jenner to star in the campaign, which includes a short film directed by photographer and director, Charlotte Wales, set to Mariah Carey's 'Fantasy'.

The By Far ‘Daydreams’ collection is available from byfar.com and in its Los Angeles flagship store, as well as within selected retailers worldwide, including Fwrd in the US, Selfridges in the UK, LVR in Italy, and Wow Store in Spain.

Image: By Far
By Far