Alberto Candiani of Canadiani denim is headed towards sustainability. The denim mogul just announced that his brand will be moving towards an eco-friendly solution for its business.

According to the brand's website, Candiani stated, "As a market leader, we believe that we have the responsibility to demonstrate how a business can thrive respecting the environment in which it operates." Currently about 40 percent of the overall cotton the company possesses is sourced from Better Cotton Initiative. In the future, the brand has vowed to create a more sustainable denim market coinciding with the company's 80th anniversary. Besides having the environment in mind, it seems Candiani's offspring has had a hand in affecting the brand's future choices. “Having a kid makes you think long term,” Candiani told Apparel News. "We want to make sustainability a tangible thing. Not something that is just marketing.”

At Candiani, the brand's website states how the label is planning to view recycling as a part of their product lifecycle management. The company collects and recycles their own waste of yards from all departments including spinning, warping, and dyeing. Candiani is also a great supporter of BCI, an organization that focuses on eco-conscious global cotton production.





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