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Dennis Basso found inspiration from the global woman at NYFW

By Kristopher Fraser

Sep 13, 2018

Fashion isn't dead. Glamour isn't dead. A good fur will never go out of style. These were the three main points to Dennis Basso's spring/summer 2019 collection, which debuted during New York Fashion Week at Cipriani.

For his latest collection, Basso kept the global woman in mind. His muse for the collection was Marella Agnelli, the iconic Italian noblewoman, socialite, and style icon who was named to Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List. She's the exact kind of woman Basso envisions as his timeless customer: confident in her look, and unique in her interpretation of the fashion she wears.

"International," was the one word Basso used to describe his collection to FashionUnited. It was evident why as the collection included everything for the jet-setting socialites from striped pajama shirts to white silk pleated gowns. Basso's customer is the kind of woman who goes around the world with fashion in mind always.

Known for his luxurious furs, Basso didn't let the season stop him from doing what he does best, although there were no floor length mink coats like we can expect from fall/winter. "For many years there was the summer fur," Basso said to FashionUnited. "This is what people wore for many years. So, we have reintroduced the summer fur, with things like small boleros and small jackets over hand beaded gowns, beautiful cocktail dresses, and other special items."

Dennis Basso caters to the global woman for Fashion Week

While Basso is known for dressing older socialites and the longstanding Upper East Side crowd, his customer is not only international, but also ranges from young to old. "We just dressed Jennifer Lopez for her 'Dinero' music video," Basso said to FashionUnited. "We're doing all three generations here. Young, old, and everyone in between."

Basso may have his signature statements he is known for, but he is also far from stuck in his ways. With the changing retail landscape, he has learned to adapt. "We do a lot of trunk shows now," Basso said to FashionUnited. "We follow the customer, but in the high end and the couture level the customer is finding you. She likes beautiful things, and she's still going to her special designers."

Basso's women have the option of going from sporty to evening wear in a variety of colors next season, including pale pink, baby blue, red, cream, black and white. The fabrics are nothing short of opulent and included organza, gazaar, and canvas. Choice of summer furs were mink, fox, Russian broadtail, and sable. Basso took us around the world, and showed us how to do it in style.

photos: Dan Lecca