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Designer Megan Phillips living out dream with each collection

By Justine Browning

Jun 19, 2018

In a sea of mass-produced pieces, collections with a personal stamp are a rarity.

As Megan Phillips celebrates her namesake brand hitting its one year mark, the company is quickly becoming a favorite among young women looking to stand out.

Developed as part of her dream to create a clothing company that both inspires and puts forth empowering messages, the Megan Phillips Collections offers bold designs for fashion lovers from all walks of life.

But Phillips’ need to carve out a unique place for herself in the industry was initially born out of necessity.

“I entered fashion at an interesting time,” she tells FashionUnited. “The staple luxury brands were having trouble staying afloat, many new internet brands were on the rise and traditional production schedules were being reconsidered. Due to this shift in the industry, most luxury brands were going through large layoffs and I fell victim four times in two years.”

She adds, “Megan Phillips Collection had always been in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until the fourth layoff that I knew it was time to get off the corporate wheel and try something on my own.”

Much of her influence comes from her love of different music scenes and being based in New York.

Meghan Phillips launches new collection

The brand’s signature designs are T-shirts with references to the city-living, women’s rights and references to icons like Audrey Hepburn. Another standout item is the 2am in Greenwich dress, which pays tribute to Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, the quintessential Manhattan style figure.

Though Phillips draws from outside influences when crafted looks, much of her creations are drawn from her own experiences with fashion.

“I have a very personal relationship with fashion and style,” she shares. “Most of my life, I struggled with weight and body image. But in my moments of insecurity, I found confidence in fashion.”

The comfort she experienced after finding the right pieces, sparked her drive to ensure other women could enjoy the same feeling.

“If I put on the right pair of pants or my favorite sundress, I forgot what the scale said and felt beautiful just as I was,” she adds. “This is why I love fashion. I always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit but it wasn’t until my love of style was partnered with exposure to the corporate view of fashion that my spirit turned into physical drive.”

Though she has faced the challenges that come with running a business, like juggling multiple projects and being responsible for all aspects of production, Phillips has used the momentum to push forward.

“I take a lot of joy in the hustle and am able to continue thanks to the progress, connections and encouragement I’m receiving,” she says. “I’m really looking forward to the growth of my business and most importantly creating a new narrative between women and style that is inclusive to everyone.”

Items, including pieces from the MPC x Pride Collection can be purchased online on the Meghan Phillips website.

Photo Credit: Courtney Charles