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Dinner Service NY launches banana fibre test case

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Credits: Courtesy of Dinner Service NY

New York brand Dinner Service has launched a new pair of socks made from banana stem fibres in an exclusive collaboration with Interloop Limited.

Interloop Limited is a knitwear manufacturer that notably works with big box brands like H&M and Adidas. The company has worked closely with Dinner Service over a three-year period to develop the new textile in partnership with the National Textile University in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Retailing at 20 dollars, the socks feature a simple white-and-red design and slogan text reading “No Reservations”, making for the product’s namesake. The socks are currently available online and at the brand’s Soho storefront.

Banana stem fibre is noted for its strength, durability, dyeability, and moisture-absorbing capabilities. Though fairly rigid on its own, Dinner Service co-founders Gabrielle Gomes and Trina Assur have opted for a blend with other fabrics such as organic cotton to give the socks a soft feel that still aligns with their shared vision of material innovation.

For the brand, the utilisation of the newly developed textile are meant to “curtail the need for virgin cotton” in order to “make a meaningful contribution to sustainability” according to the press release.

Dinner Service NY
Interloop Limited