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DKNY sells customized influencer t-shirts in holiday pop-up

By Robyn Turk

Dec 10, 2018


DKNY is keeping its retail focus digital. While the idea of the pop-up retail space is typically a means for digitally native brands to enter the brick and mortar realm in a convenient way that sparks consumer engagement, DKNY is offering a different take on the pop-up.

The New York-based brand launched a new pop-up store today, located online. The digital pop-up will exist for two weeks, at iamdkny.com. It is perfect for holiday shoppers, as net profits will be donated to Ronald McDonald, and the end date of the store allows items to arrive in time for Christmas.

DKNY targets shoppers looking for customized holiday gifts

What the 100 Percent DKNY store does have in common with traditional pop-up stores is its exclusivity and temporary nature. The new digital store carries custom T-shirts and tote bags based in the brand's 100 Percent DKNY range. The products in this range were previously only available to influencers and celebrities, now bringing that exclusive appeal to all consumers at accessible pricing, for a limited time.

The 100 Percent DKNY range speaks to the notion of individualization and personality within clothing. The brand first introduced the line in September, when it sent unique items to celebrities and influencers as part of its marketing campaign. Each item was made to the represent distinctive facets that make up each wearer's personality. For example, the T-shirt worn by DJ and model Soo Joo Park read: "24 percent Seoul sister, 23 percent runway queen 7 percent pizza lover, 31 percent blondes do it better, 15 percent DJ on deck."

The shirts and totes cost 50 and 25 dollars respectively. All items are designed to be customized and will be delivered in three days, in DKNY packaging made to look like pizza delivery boxes.

Photo: iamdkny.com website