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DollarTShirt launches providing affordable name branded apparel

By Sara Ehlers


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Los Angeles - Derek Wong may be one of the first to bring thrift retail to e-commerce. Instead of opening a high-end retail boutique or a shop filled with designer labels, Wong turned his attention to the market of thrifting. In doing so, he started a Los Angeles-based e-tailer entitled DollarTShirt.

The e-commerce site serves as a thrifting online marketplace for customers. Offering used t-shirts, DollarTShirt sells each item of clothing for 1 dollar. In addition to selling t-shirts in good condition, the e-tailer also offers shorts, denim, sports bras, jackets, flannels and more. The site ranges in price up to 20 dollars for apparel from higher-end brands. The idea behind DollarTShirt is to create a product that is accessible for customers. “We are trying to make it as affordable to the consumer as we can,” Wong told California Apparel News.

The new venture serves as a new change for the retail market, as its not typical for every fashion entrepreneur to dive into the market of thrifting. Appealing to that market, Wong’s mission with DollarTShirt is ultimately to sell products without giving overbearing prices. As stated on the company’s website by Wong, “I understand when times get tough, we don’t [have the money] to drop on expensive name branded apparel.”