China-based e-tailer Dresslily has upgraded its website for more efficient shipping. The online fashion retailer has now revamped its shipping services in order for an overall smoother experience for customers worldwide.

The shipping protocols apply to shoppers in the U.S., Great Britain, Spain, and also 12 other countries. Now, Dresslily will provide more shipping options and faster service for customers. These customers will now have four options, which allows them to choose the most suitable delivery process. Previously, shipping dates ranged up to as long as a month, and now there are options that provide shipping from 3-7 days. The site will also allow for faster refunds and returns for customers in these specific areas.

"We're always striving to make the shopping experience more convenient," said James Dean, head of customer support for Dresslily. "Our new system makes the shipping process much more efficient and shoppers can now choose a delivery time based on their budget and how quickly they need the item."

Improving the delivery process will allow for U.S. customers to shop more efficiently. As shipping time is an essential factor for purchases and customer satisfaction, adding in these improvements can help improve online sales from these international markets.





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