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E-tailer 360Cashmere collaborates with fashion blogger

By Sara Ehlers



E-commerce meets blogger fashion this week with a new collaboration between 360Cashmere and fashion influencer Katherine Schwarzenegger.

For Fall 2015, the California-based knitwear label decided to team up with the blogger for a new take on West Coast fashion. Bringing Schwarzenegger’s natural aesthetic towards SoCal styles, the blogger was able to incorporate casual, easy-to-wear pieces within the cashmere brand. “[We] felt that Katherine’s fashion sense and lifestyle make her a great representative of our brand,” said Leslie Gifford, creative director of 360Cashmere. Prices for the collaboration range from 69 to 529 dollars. The collaboration will be entitled “Katherine’s Fall Favorites” and will be available through the ecommerce site starting September 14. The collection will be available for a limited time from September through November.

360Cashmere was founded in 2009 as a knitwear brand by co-founders Leslie and Bruce Gifford. Together, they launched their successful business infusing New York’s edginess with West Coast’s laid-back lifestyle. Both had varying experiences in fashion to bring towards their label. Bruce brought his knowledge of global sourcing and fashion marketing while Leslie coined the more creative part of the brand. Together the bi-coastal founders were able to bring in contemporary styles for knitwear offering cropped sweaters, ponchos, turtlenecks, scarves, shirt dresses, cardigans and more. Currently the label is offered through its ecommerce site.

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