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Earth Day 2019: Gap Inc commits to sustainable supply chain initiatives

By Robyn Turk


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Gap Inc. is honoring Earth Day with a longstanding commitment to improving sustainability within the supply chain and manufacturing processes for two of its brands. Its new initiatives will accelerate the company's use of sustainable materials throughout its brands, building on commitments the company had made for its Gap and Athleta labels in 2017.

Changes within Banana Republic

Banana Republic will source 100 percent of its cotton sustainably by 2023, through partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative and using recycled or organic means to obtain cotton. At the same time, half of all branded Banana Republic items will be made from sustainably sourced fibers overall.

The brand also commits to reducing its water impact and promoting cleaner chemistry by 2025. This entails producing at least half of its products using techniques that require 20 percent less water than conventional methods.

And finally, Banana Republic is adopting Gap's trademarked Washwell method for its denim products that reduces water usage by 20 percent in the wash stage of denim manufacturing, along with utilizing more sustainable dye methods and eco-friendly finishes to make its denim more eco-friendly.

Changes within Old Navy

Similarly, Old Navy plans to increase its sourcing of sustainable cotton and reduce its use of water. By 2022, 100 percent of its cotton will be sourced sustainably, through the Better Cotton Initiative, verified responsibly-grown cotton and recycled cotton. By the same year, Old Navy will create all of its denim products with methods that decrease its water usage further than its Washwell technique already does.

Old Navy has also launched a sustainability platform called Heart Earth to communicate its sustainability efforts more clearly to its consumers. The platform keeps customers up-to-date on the brand's process of meeting its goals.

Photo: company press release

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