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Eckhaus Latta teams up with Camper for shoewear

By Sara Ehlers


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Los Angeles - Based in Los Angeles, Eckhaus Latta has become known for its chic, edgy clothing. Recently, the cool cult label teamed with contemporary shoe brand Camper for a fresh collaboration.

With Camper’s inventive shoe designs and Eckhaus Latta’s eclectic mix of clothing; the two pairing for a duo makes for a collection with a Los Angeles-based aesthetic. The new collaboration will be mostly centered around shoewear, as reported by WWD. Although not yet publicly affirmed by Camper or Eckhaus Latta; WWD has confirmed that the partnership is happening. Eckhaus Latta will help with the designing process in the collaboration. Details of the collection included pieces, style, and prices are not yet available. However, both companies have been reached for comment about the collaboration.

Camper was founded in 1975 based on creative, experimental shoe designs. With new interpretations and innovative freedom; Camper has successfully offered products such as Pelotas, Wabi, Camaleón, and more. Based in Mallorca Spain, the casual footwear brand has been using fine craftsmanship for its shoes for approximately 140 years. Pairing with Eckhaus Latta allows the shoe brand to plant some roots in Los Angeles and start expanding in the U.S. Currently, details and launch dates for the collaboration are still not yet confirmed.

Eckhaus Latta