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Fairy core and silk pyjamas among Pinterest holiday gift trends

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Pinterest

Image-based social platform Pinterest has unveiled the most popular trends and searches on its site, by generation, as the holiday season comes upon us.

According to the platform, this year holiday-related searches were already 43 times greater in August compared to last year. Following a lockdown-filled 2020, it seems people are more eager to celebrate the holiday, with many turning to Pinterest to search for gift ideas and inspiration.

The platform has implemented a number of new features that allow shopping to become an easier process, with the option to shop through creators and select filtered searches for more relevant product categories. Pinterest also noted a rise in early shopping due to supply chain holdups, mirroring an increase in the support of small businesses.

Divided out into generations, Pinterest has outlined the most searched trends and items to propose gift ideas. Among Gen Z, it noted the urge for aesthetics. ‘Fairy grunge’ was reportedly the most popular, seeing a 362 times search increase. Flowing dresses contrast with more gothic elements for the trend, with a whimsical-like attitude throughout the entire search entry. The most popular items were black platform boots and goblincore sweatshirts, another trend that has dominated Gen Z fashion over the past year.

Millennials, on the other hand, are seemingly opting for comfort, with ‘cozy sweater vest dresses’ and ‘comfy pjs aesthetic’ being the top trending search terms for the generation. Likely due to their work-from-home lifestyle transition, Millennials have utilised these searches over 11 times more than last year. A specific item on the agenda was washable silk pyjamas, a definitive sign of the generation’s priorities.

Image: Pinterest

For Gen X and Baby Boomers, on the other hand, more luxurious products were on the mind. Luxury handbags and men’s pre-owned luxury watches were particular splurge items part of the Gen X search terms, while JW Anderson’s small chain shoulder bag was one of the top products. Baby Boomers have also been looking into more luxurious attire, with searches for antique gold jewellery increasing 12 times over. Faux leather skirts and leather accessories were also among the most popular items for the older generation.

Additionally, the social media platform covered beauty and houseware trends, further displaying definitive differences between each generational group. While Millennials and Gen Z tended to stick to inspiring aesthetic terms, Gen X and Baby Boomers opted for more product-oriented searches. Earthy, farmhouse-inspired aesthetics dominated the younger generations, while the others stuck to more modern minimalism.

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