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Fevrie Tendance brings innovative idea to keep American manufacturing local

By Sara Ehlers

Apr 6, 2015

Fevrie Tendance is a new fashion line developed by Los Angeles local, Julia Chase. The line was created with the vision in mind of bringing in up-and-coming designers and manufacturers that are directly in America, so that it cuts out the overall costs of the line.

“Our project is all about making a quality product here in the USA, giving more job opportunities to the Americans who need it,” said Chase. The brand deals with the designers in America so that there isn’t a middleman needed to get the final product ready for sale. This way, the process stays true to its original intent of design, fit, and fabrication. “We source quality fabrics from all over the world and bring them home to the U.S. to be manufactured or sold,” said Chase.

Across the blogosphere, Fevrie Tendance is connected with over 100 fashion and social moguls. As Chase is focused on creating new and exciting women’s apparel, she says the idea for the brand is to “keep up with the pulse of this industry.”

Fevrie Tendance uses Kickstarter to get funding

The fashion line is calling out for clientele to help funding for the project through Kickstarter. Fevrie Tendance needs 20,000 dollars for start-up costs to handle equipment, shipping, marketing, manufacturers, and materials. With a 55 dollar contribution, the backers will receive a free top and a membership plan for the brand. If a backer donates 95 dollars, he/she will receive any dress or bottom as well as the exclusive membership plan.

“We believe that our unique concept and the Kickstarter platform will help millions of women buy high fashion good without breaking the bank,” said Chase. Chase hopes the line will help change the fashion industry by getting young designers actively involved in the marketplace, as well as providing affordable fashion for women in the U.S.