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Forever 21 drives millennial engagement through social media

By Sara Ehlers

Nov 26, 2015

Los Angeles - It seems that Forever 21 has figured out the key to their success: millennial-minded social media.

This is pretty much a given for most fast-fashion retailers that cater to a younger audience in fashion. The Los Angeles-based company recently unveiled their social strategy at the WWD Digital Forum. The brand revealed that their social plans includes creating content generated with millennials in mind. “[Millennials] are looking for brands that provide them with content for their social feeds, and to recognize their content and appreciate it through social currency: likes, comments, retweets, and reposts,” Mario Moreno, global social media manager for Forever 21, stated in his forum.

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Has their strive to increase millennial engagement in social media been successful? In one year, the company’s Instagram following increased by three million users (totaling their following to 8.5 million). The brand’s current following totals at 8.8 million users. According to WWD, this makes the brand the fourth most-followed brand on the social platform. The reason for this is due to the company’s curation of content that they choose to share on Instagram for their follows. This means that social strategies in general can actually have a huge impact for fashion brands. Moreno states that the biggest takeaway is paying attention to customers and “using them to fuel the marketing strategy.”

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