Privately held NYC based company Gina Group just announced their inaugural K-Swiss sock collection. The collection will be presented during market week starting January 8.

The collection was inspired due to K-Swiss' reputation as a label. "We are excited to incorporate the K-swiss brand into our current brand portfolio," Jack J. Gindi, vice president of Gina Group, said in a statement. The new collection was created under the current design director at Gina, Jen Green. "There is a current trend bringing back retro, nostalgic 90's brands so we are very excited to partner with K-Swiss. Our collection will include core athletic products as well as lifestyle socks defined by the classic K-Swiss heritage," Green said in a press release.

The accessory and footwear company has a portfolio of brands that span across various categories. These categories include footwear, handbags, intimate apparel, fashion accessories, hosiery, and more. Notable labels as part of Gina Group include Bebe, Halston, Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Rampage, and more. With Gina Group based in New York, K-Swiss' heritage in L.A. provides a unique mix of both coastal companies. "As our footwear business is experiencing strong growth, it's a good time to add brand extensions," Barney Waters, president of K-Swiss, said in a statement. "For the legwear category, Gina Group is the perfect partner, and we're very confident in their expertise and experience."





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