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H&M Foundation donates 100,000 dollars to support Beirut

By Robyn Turk

Aug 17, 2020

H&M is providing aid to those in need. The retail group's charitable arm, the H&M Foundation, has announced a donation of 100 thousand dollars to the Red Cross to support the organization's relief efforts in Beirut.

The donation is in response to the August 4 explosion in the city's port, which was equivalent to a 4.5 magnitude earthquake and has left over 200 people dead, over 6,000 people injured and many more still missing.

“Lebanon was already experiencing a serious economic crisis, and the country's healthcare system was under heavy pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic even before this emergency," Diana Amini, global manager of the H&M Foundation, said in a statement. "The effects of this explosion are devastating. Lives are claimed, people are injured and left homeless overnight."

The H&M Foundation's donation will focus on first aid, psychosocial support, emergency shelter and related water, sanitation and hygiene services and providing food and other household needs.

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