H&M Group's Monki plans to only use sustainably sourced cotton

Scandinavian womenswear brand Monki is on a mission to support only sustainably sourced materials. The brand aims to complete this goal by 2030, but this week it has announced that this autumn, it has reached the next step in the process. As of this season, 100 percent of Monki’s cotton products will be sourced sustainably.

Part of the H&M Group, Monki first launched independently in 2006 in Sweden. After joining the H&M Group, Monki has built a presence in international markets throughout Europe and Asia. Its aesthetic is defined as a blend of “Scandi cool with the energy of Asian street style.”

A large part of Monki’s brand DNA is its initiative to make its business more sustainable. Its 115 brick-and-mortar stores offers garment recycling and are powered by renewable energy. Monki’s recent inclusion of wholly sustainably sourced cotton includes organic and recycled cotton, as well as a use of the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit that aims to improve the cotton industry for both workers and the environment.

“Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers from non-GMO seeds. Recycled cotton re-uses valuable fibres,” the brand wrote in a release.

Photo courtesy of the brand





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