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H&M incorporates Lycra's Coolmax technology into menswear collection

By Robyn Turk

May 29, 2020


H&M released its new collection of menswear this week, featuring Lycra's Coolmax technology to keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable.

Coolmax technology is integrated within the weave of the fabric itself. The fiber allows air to pass through due to cross-sections that wick moisture to the surface of the fabric. With this design, clothing will keep its functionality even after washing.

H&M has used Coolmax throughout key summer styles and wardrobe essentials, such as faded denim jeans, crewneck T-shirts, square-cut trunks and mesh sneaker socks.

The collection includes several styles that incorporate tailoring with summer styles, in pieces such as polo shirts, pleat front tailored joggers and slim-fit tailored trousers with an elasticated waist.

“We see fabric innovation as pushing menswear forwards in new ways," said Ross Lydon, H&M's head of menswear design, in a press release. "Coolmax is our first collection that optimizes everyday clothing with high-performance materials. It is a segment of the market that we will continue to explore and focus on in the future."

Image: H&M