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H&M links Ellen MacArthur Foundation for circular denim collection

By Huw Hughes



H&M has revealed a new men’s circular denim collection created following the Swedish retail giant’s participation in Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative launched last year.

The collection comprises three pairs of jeans, two jackets, an overshirt, tote bag and a bucket hat, all of which are made in denim with a modern workwear vibe and come in a colour palette of light grey, washed black, mid-blues and deep indigo.

“The Jeans Redesign project in particular is about celebrating our denim expertise and designing pieces that are durable, timeless and easy to repair, that also age with a beautiful patina,” H&M said in a statement.

The garments have been made with a focus on sustainability and circularity, using organic cotton, 35 percent recycled cotton and using a Screened Chemistry method for selecting safer chemicals.

“Sustainability and circularity should be seen as the parameters that designers move within. It’s a new set of borders and limitations, if you like,” said H&M designer Jon Loman. “Being a designer is also about finding new opportunities and connecting more with the technical side of how a pair of jeans are made. This project went back to the foundations and what was taken for granted before was now seen with new eyes. With this collection we hope that we can take another great step towards making more sustainable products.”

Photo credit: H&M

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