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Harris Reed to release book, ‘Fluid: A Fashion Revolution’

By Rachel Douglass


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Harris Reed SS23. Images: Marc Hibbert, Harris Reed

Harris Reed, the creative director of Nina Ricci and the founder of his namesake label, has unveiled the title and cover of a new book he is set to release which explores “the world of gender-defying fashion”.

The young designer revealed the book on his personal Instagram account, where he spoke on his personal experiences as well as societal issues and discussions which led him to creating the book.

He added in the post: “It all clicked and made me realise so clearly why I got half naked, dressed as a fluid mermaid and wrote a book about embracing oneself and speaking out on being queer, and showing the importance of questioning the gender binary.”

Entitled ‘Fluid: A Fashion Revolution’, the book is to be published by Abrams Books and is currently up for pre-order through Barnes and Noble, Waterstones and Amazon Books, making it available across the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The contents cover everything from historical antecedents of fluidity and the analysis of old power structures to illustrations of Reed’s design process and photography of his work.

Ultimately, ‘Fluid’ hopes to “help shape our culture and challenge understandings of gender”, with Reed affirming that “fluid is the future of fashion”. In his post, he also dedicated the book to “the dreamers, the weirdos, and every kid who doesn’t feel that they fit in”.

Harris Reed