Heron Preston has announced a second collaboration with Levi Strauss. The streetwear designer wrote on Instagram that the upcoming collaboration was inspired by a tattoo on his arm that reads "1873 MISTAKES ARE OK."

The designer explained that the tattoo commemorates mistake on his birth certificate in which the hospital accidentally recorded his birth year as 1873 - the same year as the founding of the Levi's brand - rather than 1983.

"As a result, the collaboration takes denim and builds in conscious aberrations: re-shaped & misplaced pockets, mismatched buttons and rivets, incorrectly cut labeling, reversed belt loops, exposed linings, asymmetric accenting and off register resin prints," explained the caption.

The collaboration is slated for the Spring/Summer 2020 season.

Heron Preston and Levi's joined forces earlier this year on a line of updates to the denim brand's classic 501 jean. The streetwear designer introduced elements including tie dye prints, drawstrings and faded colors to the style.





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