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Interactive shopping platform ‘sune’ announces beta app launch

By Cenia Zitter


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Image: sune app. Credit: sune.

The video shopping platform ‘sune’ announced the launch of its beta mobile app, combining traditional online and in-app shopping with visual entertainment.

Laid out for the needs of its consumer audience, which mainly consists of Gen Z, the app offers “seamless on-demand live shopping experiences”, as described in the official release. The idea is to give users a front row seat to video and livestream content presented by makers, founders, inventors and creators.

Offered products will range from classic favourites to limited edition items that can be directly purchased from the feed, enabling a new way of product exploration and window shopping. Through a combination of the user’s purchase history and personalised recommendations and filters, a uniquely tailored shopping experience is promised.

In the next months, sune will simultaneously be launching creators and upcoming companies, as well as live product drops.

The idea is to create a “journey of inspiration and self-discovery through shopping” for the consumer, while giving hosts - or ‘sunesetters’ - the possibility to cultivate connections and increase engagement. Founders have full control over their storefront and can manage their assortment, inventory, pricing and shipping costs.

Moreover, engaging brands will have access to sune's own in-house live studio software, remote co-hosting model, and video creative advice.

“Unlike other shopping apps, sune's mission is to provide a joyful, inspirational, and relaxing experience, where users can easily connect and directly engage with remarkable 'under-discovered' products from new and emerging brands, and ultimately witness entertaining content based on their personal shopping preferences,” said Brian Beitler, founder of sune and general manager of Live Shop Ventures LLC.

The beta app is currently available for iPhone users and can be downloaded in the Apple Store for free.

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