Interview: Save My Bag export manager Valentina Calabrese

The Italian brand of bags and accessories Save My Bag is considering the possibility of opening the first monobrand store in Moscow. This Valentine Calabrese, the manager of export sales of the company, told this FashionUnited. Most likely, the launch of the store will take place in 2019. In addition to Moscow, the company, together with the distributor, also studies the regional markets of the Russian Federation. What attracts the brand of Russian buyers, FashionUnited asked the representative of Save My Bag Valentina Kalabreze.

How has the brand been developing in Russia?

We have started working with a very important distributor on the Russian market and we have managed to reach some key clients. The product is quite peculiar and it will take some time for a new market to get used to it’s revolutionary fabric. However, most of the clients who have seen the collection so far, have found it very appealing. We expect a big growth for next season and we have received some proposals to open a mono-brand in Moscow that we have been evaluating.

Interview: Save My Bag export manager Valentina Calabrese

When was first time you entered the Russian market and how is the brand presented today?

We entered the market throughout a very well respected group who is dealing with the customers on the territory directly, presenting the collection according to the company guidelines in their showroom in Milan.

How are sales in the country? What online stores do you collaborate with?

As I said, we have started to present the brand on the market very recently and it is still a work in progress. However, at the moment we work with the following online stores on the market: Matrona, Krasnodar, No One, Mosca, Milo Group, Nizny Novgorod, Fashionezone, Minsk, Hiton, and Kharkov.

Experts claim the main issue affecting the fashion industry is that buyers have no money. How does this affect your retail plans? Do you plan to open boutique in Moscow? What marketplaces did you consider for the shop?

Certainly the situation of the market is quite different from some years ago. However, at Save My Bag, we have always kept a niche audience even in difficult economic times. Our average prices and our colorful presentation attracted clients very easily. The clients usually buy impulsively without overthinking. We have been evaluating the opening of a mono-brand in Moscow with a Russian partner at the moment. It will likely happen in 2019. Russia is quite big and there are some interesting cities for shopping, beyond Moscow. Our partner is exploring all possibilities.

How do you foresee the behavior of the Russian buyer?

The Russian buyers are very careful at the moment. However they seem to be attracted by our format and the low prices of our products.

Do you plan to change brand's range for Russia?

Interview: Save My Bag export manager Valentina Calabrese

We have already taken in consideration some changes customized for the Russian market following the suggestions of our distributor. Some new prints or applications have been added to our collections with Russian customers in mind.

What is the DNA of the Save My Bag brand?

Innovation is in the DNA of our brand just as creativity is in its soul. Save My Bag enjoys creating new products and finding new ideas.It’s an alternative for those women who want to express themselves outside clichés. It revolutionizes the concept of the bag itself by thinking of fashion from a new perspective: free from rules, free from impositions and outside schemes.

Where is your manufacturer located? What materials are used for production of bags?

Save My Bag was founded in 2013 in Bergamo, Italy. We have reached international success by making sure each bag is carefully crafted in Italian style: fabrics and hardware are sourced, designed and produced in Italy. The key to the success of Save My Bag is its innovative Poly-Fabric with Lycra material: a super soft blend that is even lighter than neoprene.Chic and cruelty free, resilient and refined. A washable and elastic fabric that adapts to everyday needs with great versatility.

This article was originally written for FashionUnited.RU. Edited by Justine Browning.

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