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Item of the week: the metallic bikini

By Rachel Douglass


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Hurley, Tropez Boutique, Na-kd. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

What it is:

While Christmas may have just been and gone, the fashion cycle never stops and with that we must look ahead to what is to come for the seasons moving quickly upon us. And there is nothing quite like ringing in the new year with a metallic bikini… At all the variations of swim week across the globe, metallic materials and shiny fabrics stood out among all collections, giving us a glimpse into what we can expect from trendsetters’ beach attire in the months to come. The choice of material brings a futuristic flair to swimwear, making the ability to shine entirely waterproof.
Understatement. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

Why you’ll want it:

Metallic swimwear arguably appeals to the partygoers among us, with many of the designs that utilise such material only further affirming this point. As brands and retailers begin to suss out their collections for the festival season, it is imperative that attendees to such events have the option to “go all out”, with this style of bikini providing just that. The garment can also appeal to those that are simply looking for a fashion-forward beach style, however, with many iterations of the look also coming in more comfortable silhouettes that provide both functionality and style.
Karl Lagerfeld. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

Where we’ve seen it:

Metallic bikinis were all over the place at various swim weeks internationally, largely favoured by swimwear brands that tend to party-esque styles. OMG Swimwear, for example, offered up a shiny, strapless two-piece with gathered hemlines and a beaded waistline. Axil Swim and Luli Fama, on the other hand, incorporated a fish scale-like pattern into their iridescent hues, leaning heavily into the mermaid trend that has risen up for the season. Internet-breaking Namilia also presented bedazzled bikinis for its own line, one of which drew on the iconic Birkin to inform on the shape of both the bra and pants.
Wolford. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

How to style it:

Despite bikinis being typically used in settings where they most often have to stand alone, it is still possible to style them up until the point where water becomes involved. Netted or silky sarongs are a go-to here, providing wearers with easy-to-remove and store items for any kind of pool or beach day. To jazz the look up a bit, you could also take cues from some of the surprising trends seen on the runway. Many of those involved integrating “cowgirl” pieces into the outfit, seeing Western-style boots and hats paired with bikinis to offer an alternative to typical beach attire.
Agent Provocateur. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.
The metallic bikini may seem like a daring choice to add to the beach tote, but it offers a fun way to continue making a fashion statement into environments outside of your daily routine.
Madewell. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

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